Monday, 17 October 2011

Boy, Five, Begs Soldiers Not To Take His Dad

TV cameras have captured the distressing moment a five-year-old Palestinian boy sees his father arrested for stealing water.

Khaled Jabari wails in torment and confusion as Israeli soldiers drag away his father Fadel in the West Bank district of Hebron.

Walking barefoot, the youngster becomes hysterical as he pleads with the troops not to take his father away.

One of the soldiers picks up the lad and removes him from the scene before Fadel is driven away in a four-wheel-drive.

After watching the footage, Hashem Abu Maria, of the Defence For Children International charity, said it was obvious the child thought his father would never return.

Sunday, 21 August 2011

البطل المصري احمد الشحات وهو يتسلق عمارة السفارة الإسرائيلية ويحرق العلم...

The man, now being called 'flagman,' who removed the Israeli flag at the embassy in Cairo. This was during a major sit-in that saw thousands protesting the violence exercised by the Israeli forces that led to the deaths of Egyptian security personnel.

Escalation of a bad situation

Sign in photo reads: "Bibi robs his own poor & bombs the poor of our neighbors. Stop bombing in Gaza!"

Foreign nationals have been advised to leave the strip after the situation escalated over the past two days. UN officials and representatives have remained in the strip.

It is worth noting that the rockets from Gaza into southern Israel are in retaliation to the drones and shelling of the Strip. The situation unfolded following the attack on a bus in Israel from unidentified gunmen.

Unfortunately we are witnessing 'an eye for an eye' type scenario, please keep the people of Gaza and those being directly affected on both sides in your prayers.

I found the photo on twitter, original source flickr.